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POS Reporting - No more manual sales books !

More time to relax OsiPOS POS reporting functionality takes advantage of the most powerful POS reporting modules available...

OsiPOS utilizes it's ability to transpose its sales data into a myriad of reporting options which are exceptional in design, easy to read and analyze, yet sophisticated and delivers to its users the information needed so that critical business decisions can be made with confidence. OsiPOS - POS reporting modules gives the operator information on critical areas such as Gross Sales & Margins, Units & Value Sold, which can encompass many forms and delivers vital information on all aspects of your business. This allows the Owner / Manager more time to relax & think about their business !

POS Reports whether your a single store operator or a company chain store setup our POS Sales reporting modules have the ability to ensure that you keep your finger on the pulse with live transactional reporting. OsiPOS has a myriad of reports, covering area's such as;

*Point Of Sale Summaries
*Lay By's, Gift Vouchers & Credit Note reports
*Sales Transaction Reports - Financial & in Detailed formats
*Sales Analysis Reports (all reports are fully compliant with ATO - Australian Tax Office standards)
*Sales / Departments / Discounts reports
*Sales by Branch & Cashier
*Sales Margins
*Register Analysis
*Income Analysis
*Customer Sales Analysis
*Sales by Department Analysis
*Weekly Sales Summary's by cash register (used for multi-cash register stores)
*End of Day Sales Summary and extensive End Of Day reporting features
*Sales Performance Analysis (an advanced reporting feature)
*Income & Expense reporting
*Staff Account Sales & reporting
*Customer Charge account sales & reporting
*Sales & Balance reporting modules
*Special Accounts & VIP Customer Sales reporting
*Combined Analysis (an extensive snap shot of Daily, Weekly & Monthly sales over the register)
*Staff Log ON/OFF module for tracking staff register usage

Just to name a few ......

Head Office - Advanced Reporting

OsiPOS Head Office reporting allows complete individual store reporting & audit trail reporting. See the productivity of your stores as the day progresses with up to the minute ADSL OsiComm's proprietary software nodes. You can monitor the output of staff members & cashiers by using various staff reporting tools. "Advanced Sales Reports' can really put you in the drivers seat !

Sales Performance & Store Performance Analysis, Sales & GST Analysis, Current Sales Analysis, Sales Analysis, Return On Investment, Sales Transactions - Detailed & Financial

POS Reporting - The Advantages OsiPOS Sales reporting is an integral part of any effective sales management program used by any business. Your OsiPOS Sales reports will generate better control & profitability which will ultimately help everyone in the business to take control and enhance business decision making. As the owner of your business, you need to be able to track, forecast, and report on sales and team performance at any given time. OsiPOS Sales Analysis Reports are usually needed quickly for a specific purpose, getting access to your OsiPOS information is always easy & effective. We don't use difficult time consuming methods to access your data. It's the OsiPOS secret...!

Sales Analysis

OsiPOS Sales Analysis OsiPOS Sales analysis modules are used.

Sales & Cash Control

OsiPOS Tracks Your Cash & Inventory OsiPOS employs various reporting tools to ensure that the business owner can keep track of cash & credit card transactions. Many owners of stores have sometimes no clue as to whether or not they are being ripped off by unscrupulous staff or shop stealing customers. OsiPOS can both track in detail through our specialist audit reporting systems variations in both cash & credit card fraud, keeping both Managers & Owners of stores aware of any perilous situation that arises. A fully integrated POS stock & sales audit trail reporting functionality is the basis of good and accurate retailing. Our OsiPOS software will ensure that your business can accurately reconcile back to your banking statements as well as OsiPOS End of Day Banking processes.

OsiPOS software helps you take control - Using our powerful SQL Reporting Functionality !